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Conditions of SaleConditions of Sale

Prima Design Services (PDS T/A The Couch Factory)

1. Prices in the catalogue are correct at the date of printing but are subject to alteration without prior notice.

2. Products are offered are subject to availability. Payments will not be taken if the product is not available.

3. The buyer accepts full liability for any damage or loss, which may occur after delivery of goods and equipment. This specifically excludes any and all consequential loss claims.

4. The risk in all goods passed to the buyer upon delivery but title in the goods remains vested in PDS until full payment is received. Title passes to the buyer upon full payment being made by the buyer of all sums (due on whatsoever account or grounds) to PDS.

4a. The buyer agrees that prior to the payment of the whole price of the goods PDS or its appointed agents may at any time enter upon the buyer's premises and any other premises where the goods may be and remove the goods there. Prior to such payment the buyer shall keep the goods separate and identifiable.

5. Dispatch and freight charges apply to all orders at the buyer's expense. All prices quoted are inclusive of transport within the UK mainland save that certain Postcodes will attract additional amounts. Where these exceptions exist the buyer will be notified and prices agreed before the order is processed for payment. PDS can accept no responsibility for delays in delivery or transport delays. Deliveries to third parties can be arranged but at the sole risk of the buyer.

6. Prompt payment associated with special discounts may only be claimed if payment reaches PDS within the specified time and/or terms.

7. PDS reserve the right to charge interest on all over-due monthly accounts at the same monthly rate then currently charged by Lloyds TSB bank rate. This amount will be accrued on a daily basis. Failed payments to the bank will be charged at a rate of £25.00 per representation.

8. Legal and debt collection costs, in full, will be accepted by the buyer should PDS at any time need to resort to such processes to collect overdue accounts.

9. Any order, whether written or verbal, now or at any time in the future, will be subject to these conditions even if such orders are placed by an employee of the buyer.

10. Claims for shortage or damage in delivery cannot be accepted unless advised by telephone, within 48 hours of receipt of goods and then confirmed in writing within 7 days to PDS.

11. Equipment supplied is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from invoice date for parts and labour. Parts such as consumables, upholstery, glass tubes, bulbs, Perspex plates, etc are specifically excluded from any guarantee.

12. Conditions of this guarantee are normally for equipment to be returned to PDS, carriage paid, for repair or replacement at PDS discretion. Original Purchase invoice numbers and date of purchase must be stated. Warranty reparation will either be by repair or replacement and is totally at the discretion of PDS. In either case warranty expires 12 months from original purchase date.

13. Any waiver or non-enforcement of these conditions does not reduce the buyers or PDS right for eventual enforcement.

14. Cancellation of orders
a) Prior to delivery - will be accepted less the cost of banking or credit card charges.
b) After invoicing and dispatch - will be accepted only against the payment of 30% of cancelled goods value plus costs of dispatch and return Freight.
c) Non-standard or special order goods cannot be cancelled; payment in full is due at the time of order placement.

15. No responsibility will be accepted by PDS for damage or accidents by untrained or unqualified personnel using or miss-using the products.

Conditions of Sale

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